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Reservation General Conditions

1. OBJECT. These general conditions, together with the specific conditions indicated for each accommodation published by RESERVAS EXPERIENCIA RURAL, SL plus the special conditions agreed for each reservation, will define the contractual framework between RESERVAS EXPERIENCIA RURAL, SL and the user.
2. PRICES. The price of accommodation will be divided into two payments: a) 25% or less of the total as advanced payment (depending on each accommodation); b) the rest 75% or more on the day of arrival at the accommodation, making the payment directly to the owner or manager of the establishment, in cash (except for amounts above the legal minimum for this type of payment which will be made by bank check. The sum of the two payments group the 100% of the amount of the reserved stay, which will be charged in full if the user and companions satisfy all the days contracted or if they leave before the final day. The tourist tax is not included in the price of the reservation.
3. TOURIST RATE. The user must pay the amount of the tourist tax set by the Generalitat de Catalunya that is current at the time. This rate is not included in the price of the reservation and must be paid in cash during the check-in into the accommodation along with the rest of the outstanding amount. The amount of the tourist tax for rural tourism houses (PG) is 0.5€ per night and per person over 16 years. The amount of the tourist tax for touristic use accommodations (HUT) is 1€ per night and per person over 16 years.
4. ADVANCED PAYMENT AND RESERVATION CONFIRMATION. At the time of formalizing the reservation, the user will receive the email "Reservation details" with the details of the reservation and the instructions to make the advanced payment. This reservation will be conditioned by the fulfilment of the advanced payment mentioned in the e-mail. This payment will be made by bank transfer or credit card within 72 hours after receiving the email "Reservation Details." After this period, if the owner of the reservation has not made the requested payment, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
The reservation will only be effective when the user receives from RESERVES EXPERIENCIA RURAL, SL the email "Reservation confirmation" as conformity the advanced payment has been received. The e-mail "Reservation confirmation" plus the receipt of this payment will be the documents proving the current reservation.
5. CANCELLATION OF THE RESERVATION. In case the user wants to cancel the reservation made, he/she must communicate it by e-mail to RESERVAS EXPERIENCIA RURAL, SL, although he/she will lose the following amounts on the advanced payment delivered, as compensation for the damages and losses caused by management and communication expenses and lack of opportunity to rent the accommodation:
a) Loss of 25% of the advanced payment if the cancellation notice is received more than 60 calendar days before the check-in date.
b) Loss of 50% of the advanced payment if the cancellation notice is received between 30 and 60 calendar days before the check-in date.
c) Loss of 100% of the advanced payment if the cancellation notice is received less than 30 calendar days before the check-in date.
The above penalties will not apply in case of cancellation due to majeure force, duly accredited.
5.5 CONFIRMED RESERVATION MODIFICATIONS. Only modifications to the confirmed reservation will be accepted in these cases:
a) If the modification involves changing dates of entry and/or departure or in the establishment, it can only be changed if there is new availability of dates and/or establishment. The modification can only be made if these are requested before 30 calendar days to check-in date and within 48 hours after receiving the e-mail "Reservation Details".
b) For any other reason, contact directly with RESERVAS EXPERIENCIA RURAL, SL and expressly agree for each case.
6. CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT. For stays of less than 6 nights: check-in will be from 17:00 and check-out before 12:00. For stays of 6 or more nights: check-in will be after 18:00 and check-out before 11:00.
7. DEPOSIT PAYMENT. Upon arrival at the accommodation, the user must deposit in cash the amount indicated in each case as a deposit payment. This amount will be refund by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the user, within a maximum of 48 hours after departure (check-out) provided that the user and companions have fulfilled all the duties indicated in the following section. In case of non-compliance, the deposit will be withheld to settle (as far as the amount is concerned) the economic consequences of the breach and without prejudice to claiming the eventual cost overrun.
8. DUTIES OF THE USER: During the stay in the accommodation user assumes the group responsibility and to comply with the legal duties at all times according to the tourist regulations and, especially, to the following duties:
a. Respect at all times the rules of good coexistence and hygiene. Comply with the obligations of the Regulation of use or Internal Regime of mandatory compliance.
b. Communicate any anomaly, damage or detected risk situation in the accommodation or facilities. If any damage is produced the reservation owner must notify it to the property owner and always before the day of departure to avoid misunderstandings. The customer must pay the cost of the damage.
c. Leave the accommodation in the same good state of order and cleanliness as at the time of arrival. The crockery and kitchen facilities should be clean and tidy. The garbage (paper, plastic, glass, oils, batteries, organic and the general rejection) must be collected selectively and deposited in the respective containers. The refrigerator and freezer should be empty, clean and free of food and beverages. Sheets and towels that have been used should be deposited in the baskets near the entrance of the house. The thermostats will be left at 0º in case the heating is on. The lights will be turned off, the windows and wooden shutters will be closed and locked. The key will be left in the place indicated by the property.
d. During the stay it is not allowed to play music or make noises above 57 decibels from 07:00 to 22:00 and 47 decibels from 22:00 to 07:00. Parties that could damage the accommodation or cause discomfort to the neighbourhood are not allowed.
e. The number of people staying in the accommodation must be exactly the same indicated in the e-mail "Reservation Details", as well as compliance with the specialties that have been established about minors, disabled companions or pets. Not comply with these duties will entail the automatic cancellation of the reservation with total loss of the price paid.
F. Visits are not allowed without the knowledge and prior consent of the owner or manager of the accommodation. All visitors (not residing in the accommodation) are not allowed to use the common services, these are exclusively for the holder of the reservation and the number of companions specified.
g. There is a supplement of 20€ per pet for the entire stay. It is necessary to collect the excrements that the animal can leave on the perimeter of the house. Animals are not allowed to climb on sofas, on beds or left them locked in terraces. It is also not allowed to bathe in the pool. The owner of the animal will have the obligation to keep them in proper hygienic and sanitary conditions and to follow the current regulations. The owners of pets will be responsible for the damages caused by these to third parties or to any of the facilities of the house and surroundings. It is not allowed to leave pets alone inside or outside the house without the supervision of the owner.
h. Completely put out the barbecue after use and DO NOT use it in case of wind, even if it is moderate. An adult must always supervise the fire, any misuse could cause irreparable damage since the risk of fire is high. In case of extreme drought, the barbecue will not be used either. To turn it on, you must always use charcoal.
i. Please make a rational use of the heating. It is recommended to set it at a maximum of 21 degrees Celsius, which is the ideal comfort temperature. The fact that the radiators are cold does not mean that the heating does not work. It will indicate that the temperature is adequate. The house needs a few hours to reach the desired temperature and the fact of set it at more degrees does not imply a higher heating velocity. The hot water accumulator has a certain capacity and sufficient for the places that the house has, as long as a reasonable use of hot water is made.
j. In case the accommodation has a fireplace, please make a rational use of firewood. The usual consumption for a weekend stay is 10-12 trunks (between 3 and 5 fires).
k. In the event that the accommodation has a barnyard or a pen, it will be strictly forbidden to enter to the enclosure where animals are kept and or feed them without express permission of the property. In the case of bringing pets, it is necessary that they also do not trespass the fenced perimeter to avoid confrontations between them. The owner of the reservation is responsible for controlling the behaviour of the pet and ensures good coexistence with the animals of the accommodation barnyard.
l. In case the hired accommodation has a swimming pool, its use will be limited to the months of June to September, extendable according to weather conditions. While the pool is closed you can not access less than 5 meters from its perimeter or exceed the fenced area. The user and accompanying persons will be obliged at all times to use the pool in accordance with its Regulation of use that will be published in the same installation. In any case, the user will be solely responsible for the consequences of misuse. Failure to comply with these duties will entail the automatic cancellation of the reservation with total loss of the price paid.
m. The establishment will not be responsible for any loss, damage or cancellation or any additional expense charged to the client during their stay. The establishment will not be responsible for any cause beyond the control of the owner or manager. The property or manager is not responsible for the loss or forgetting of objects; however, if during the cleaning an object is found in the house, the owner will have no problem sending it to the address indicated by cash on delivery.
n. The management of the establishment will appreciate any suggestion you can offer with the aim of making future stays more pleasant.
9. LITIGATION: With renounce to its own jurisdiction and domicile, the contractors expressly submit to the territorial jurisdiction of the Courts of the judicial district where the hired accommodation belongs, to resolve any divergence that may arise in the interpretation, execution or fulfilment of this contract.
10. DATA PROTECTION. See our data protection policy in the section "Privacy policy" that you will find in the footer of our website www.experienciarural.cat.
11. ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS LEGAL PERSONS: The fact of providing personal data through this website, authorizes RESERVAS EXPERIENCIA RURAL, SL, to send you electronic communications with information about actions, products and activities, unless you indicate the contrary. You can also unsubscribe from our mailing list by sending an email to info@experienciarural.cat with the subject "UNSUBSCRIBE".
In accordance with the provisions of Law 7/1998, of April 13, on general conditions of contracting, the user acknowledges that he has read the above general conditions, that he has taken notice and that he accepts them at the time of formalizing the reservation managed by RESERVAS EXPERIENCIA RURAL, SL. Likewise, it is also responsible for the group of people who will occupy the rented accommodation in the selected dates.